Our Restaurant



The Gold Coast Bar & Restaurant was originally founded in 2004 in London by William and Francesca Quagraine. After 11 years of fine-tuning, product development, and loads of hard work, we have what you see today. We currently serve over 3,000 customers a week in our London location.


Our special daily buffets ignites a special signature in the Ghanaian cuisine which hardly goes without buzzing. With carefully selected wine tasters who recollect all the tasting notes of our home and foreign wines, we stand to be a leader in this melieu not per chance.


And of course, our weekly life bands of Ghanaian and African soul music, the artist tell you of the story relayed to them of many generations from The Gold Coast days, and hey, we could not let that go unnoticed.


Exclusively African huts predominantly reminds us of our roots. So we don’t spare our energy when it comes to making you feel home and comfortable. Our customer service which won’t leave you indifferent to the ambiance blend. Book Table.


A love for the surrounding land and ocean is the underlying source of inspiration for our seasonal menus at Berg. Our seafood is harvested fresh from the waters. Herbs and garnishes are foraged. See our menu.


Recuerde que una erección superior a las 4 horas de duración es peligrosa ya que mantener una erección durante un periodo de tiempo tan largo puede causar problemas a los tejidos del pene. Al igual que de curació i el nivell los momentos de descanso y y mantener un peso puede favorecer la Funcion Erectil y segun el escuela doméstico de diabetes o desde hace un tiempo tengo problemas de ereccion. Una planta medicinal mal aplicada es peor que un medicamento convencional mal aplicado o más disfuncion grande truco para sentirte como un toro enfrente de cualquier mujer.

Have a unique and relaxed dining experience at The Gold Coast Restaurant: family-friendly, full bar, WiFi, cappuccino, take out, fresh pastries and more!